Profits from Barn Again and The War on Xmas Going to RAICES

Update from the author of Barn Again and The War on Xmas

By Alan Good

This is a small thing, but until the end of the Trump presidency all profits from copies of Barn Again and The War on Xmas purchased through this website will be donated to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services. Learn more about RAICES here. It costs me about $5.50, with shipping, for a wholesale copy of Barn Again, and a little over $4 for The War on Xmas. Whatever you pay above those costs (not including shipping) will go to RAICES. You will receive an email receipt for your purchase and another one when the donation has gone through. Should you choose to purchase an electronic version of one of the books, we’ll donate half the cost to RAICES. Currently BA and Xmas are only available, electronically, as PDFs, but they might be available in epub form soon, as well.

As always, you're welcome to use one of the discount codes on any order. (See way below for codes.)

Feel free to request for your donation to go to the LEAF Project for Universal Representation for Unaccompanied Children or to the Bond Fund to help immigrants get released from detention on bond.

I don't do as much as I'd like, I don't do as much as I should, for my community, for my neighbors, to stand up for the people who need the most support, to fight injustice and all that shit, and I use all the same excuses we all use:

  •  I'm exhausted.

  • I'm overwhelmed.

  • I'm busy with work and my family.

  • All my money goes to my kids.

  • I don't want to get run over at a fucking protest.

  • Etc.

This isn't something to make myself feel better; I feel like shit all the time, and donating to important causes isn't going to change that. But it's something. I will revisit this policy when Trump is gone; should he not finish his term, I will still consider a Pence presidency a Trump presidency, and this policy will not change.

The unit price for Barn Again is $5.58. For The War on Xmas it’s $4.86. Whatever you pay above the unit cost of each book will go to RAICES. So far we’ve raised $22.98. (Screenshots of donation confirmation emails will be uploaded at the bottom of the bookstore page. So buy some books.