Trump's DACA Strategy

There once was a merkin-haired cocka
lorum who rescinded DACA
to force the hands
of congressmans
who couldn't co-work to kill ACA*.

*The point being, how are Congressional Republicans who, with full control of the legislature and a Republican of sorts in the White House, failed to pass legislation to get rid of their least favorite thing, the Affordable Care Act, going to work together to pass DACA-like legislation to protect the thousands of young people who risked their futures by putting their faith in the government and coming forward to register for the program? These people, brought to the U.S. when they were very young, raised in the U.S., could be deported if Congress doesn't pass legislation. The GOP couldn't work together to get rid of the thing they hate the most, but they can use that same strategy to get rid of the thing they hate second-most, immigrants. There's no way the right-wingers will be unified on protecting young immigrants, so the only way this succeeds is if there are enough Republicans willing to work with Democrats. 

Note on pronunciation: nobody says "ah-kuh"—they say "the ay-see-ay"—but ah-kuh is the only way it works so go with it.

The Proof is in the Pardon*

Rightwingers have all got a hardon
for Donald J. Trump to soon pardon
ex-sheriff Joe
Go prove just how racist you are, Don.

*Trump is who he is, whatever the term is for a racist who doesn't think he's racist or want to be seen as racist, even if he doesn't pardon Joe Arpaio, but that's too much to squeeze into a title.

Historical note: maybe ten hours after this poem was published, as the gulf states were bracing for Hurricane Harvey, Trump went ahead and pardoned Arpaio.

August 11, 2017: Ugh.

There once was a hack named Hannity
who offset having just an itty
gross fetid dingus
by stoking right wingus
to believe in his hoax-filled insanity.

In Which I Don't Go for the Obvious Rhyme; I Could Have Called This One "I Hate Huckabees" but I Don't Hate Them, Not Hate-Hate

There once was an Arkansan bassist,
whose com'dy was frankly the basest.
He gave up his faith
t'give his child a plathe
working for the Great Orange Racist.