Call for Stories

In 2019 Malarkey Books will publish Dear Writer: Stories That Just Aren’t the Right Fit at This Time, an anthology of previously unpublished frequently rejected fiction.

Only stories that are 2,000* words or more and previously unpublished and which have been rejected at least ten times are eligible. Selected writers will be paid $30 and one free copy of the printed book.

We will consider all stories sent in February 2019. Stories that are not selected for the anthology may still be considered, at a different payment rate, for one of our other projects or publication on our website.

Dear Writer will most likely be published through Ingram’s print-on-demand service.

Every story will be read by Jason Gong and Alan Good, who will try very hard to respond to all queries in a timely manner.

If you are interesting in having your work considered, please send:

  • One story, pasted in our contact form

  • Your bio (no more than 250 words)

  • The number of times your story has been rejected

  • Some blurbs: no need to call out individual publishers or editors, just send snippets of your favorite or least favorite comments from rejection letters

  • Your name as you’d want it printed, a reliable email address, and a word count.

Selected stories will be lightly edited to correct obvious mistakes and conform to house style. Stories will belong to the individual authors; all we need is first-time print rights. Rejection sucks, and getting rejected for an anthology of rejected stories might also suck. We will be nice and polite and also try to fit some pieces that don’t go in the anthology onto our website or our magazine, but we also know we won’t have the money to accept everything we want to accept.

Simultaneous subs are cool with us, but please let us know if your piece gets picked up.

We don’t have strict genre restrictions, but please note that Malarkey Books is ardently pro-swearing.

If your story has been rejected numerous times because it features racism or bullshit like that then please don’t waste your time.

*If you have something under 2,000 words, feel free to send it. We probably won’t use it in the anthology, but we might be able to place it in our magazine or on our website.

Whenever you’re ready, use the form below to send your story. Thanks!

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