Fuck Oblivion No. 2: "The Darnedest Train"

Last night I dreamt that someone had made a short film, without my permission or giving me any money, out of "Doppelbänger." The filmmaker changed the title to "The Darnedest Train." He wanted to know if I could come to an event either in Ancorage [sic] or Osage, a town that turned out in the dream but probably not in reality to be in Kentucky. "What?" he said. "You've never been to Kentucky?" "Oh I've been to Kentucky," I told him, thinking it hilarious to have been to Kentucky. I've left out some details, like the part where I was in a night club and my cousin was mouthing something to me but I couldn't understand and it turned out she wanted to introduce me to the guy who'd made the film. I wouldn't normally bore you with a description of one of my dreams, but I also know no one's even reading this so I can do whatever the fuck I want here I can even write a run-on sentence but I think this dream is significant: it's obviously a sign from the cosmos telling me I'm about to linger in obscurity.